22 May 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for sweet gestures from good friends.

First of all, let me mention this - I'm pretty trashed in this photo and I'm not sure how much my friend wants his face to be posted on this blog of mine. I have DRUNK written all over my drunken face but he sure looks sharp in that hat!

My friend, in the above photograph, offered to fly me back home so that I could partake in all the activities surrounding the film festival in which he is the program director. It was such a sweet offer even though I had to decline due to bad timing (as always) and being a dog owner. I don't think Toshio would like it if I duct-taped his face to a food dish and left him alone for two weeks, heh.

Declining an opportunity to go home makes me sad but I have to be grateful that it was such a sweet gesture overall. You're a one in a million friend, thank you.

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