24 May 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for going out last night AND being rather socialable! I'm a quiet girl, generally speaking. I have to admit, I was a bit of a chatterbox last night. Well, as much as I can be...that is. I caught up with friends I haven't seen in months, I had some interesting conversations, I made friends with this little fidgety drunken French man outside the club (he was very impressed that I was from the prairies!), and I had some laughs. Not only that, I finally got to see my man's old band play - The Treblemakers!

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rainning said...

a monster on his leash when you're walking him?You mean him is like a monster?why?

officially beat?I don't know this either.

Me said...

Hi Rainning!

Sorry, I will try to be more clear in my posts!

When I walk my dog and he is on a leash, he pulls a lot! He is very strong and misbehaves. I call him a little monster because of that!

And "officially beat" - I mean I was very tired!


Rainning said...

Now,I got it!
I used to have a little dog,and he was strong too,and eager to ran and ran again especially when I walked him around,he was on a leash and just like a monster ,pulled me a lot,constistently breathed a lot,seemed there was a great power in his body,so crasy.As a result of that ,we all wouldn't like to walk him outside~~~

Me said...

Yes, I can relate to your story!

My dog is much like that. He was like that this morning. He makes me tired!