03 May 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for meeting new people and making new friends. I am not sure if this photograph properly represents what I am grateful about...but I figure, if I were to close up shop to take a coffee break, I would have a sign like this.

Yesterday, I went for coffee with a new friend I met off Myspace. I realize for the most of you, coffee is no big deal. It seems like it has been forever since I met up with a friend to share a simple coffee. I used to go for coffee all the time back home, with friends and by my lonesome. Though I was a bit nervous of sounding too rural and small-town, I had a lovely afternoon and conversation.

I have a tendancy to become withdrawn, especially after a long time of not hanging out with new people. It's not a trait I admire in myself and I honestly find it rather silly of me. I'm glad I got over my silly, little fear and enjoyed myself.

On a side note, we thought we saw Leonard Cohen sitting across from us as we had coffee outside. Turns out it was not Mr. Leonard Cohen but I still got that rush of panic and giddiness that only comes with the thought of actually seeing the artist I have admired for so many years. And to think, I was ready to willingly offer myself to be this lookalike's muse!

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