27 May 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for taking the time to give my bathroom a thorough cleaning. I think I may have posted this photograph before. If so, I apologize for repeating myself!

I spent my Saturday night cleaning the bathroom. I would have rather been out with friends but I thought it would be best to stay close to home because of the dog (he's still waiting for Zak to get home...only 20-something more days, Toshio!). Anyway, I spent an un-sexy Saturday night cleaning my bathroom. It needed it. Everything is shiny and dust-free. Recently, my friend gave me a new skull and crossbones bathroom set (soap dish, soap dispenser pump, toothbrush holder, and cup) as well. So, I set that up too.

Ah well, I don't have much of a social life but at least I have a super clean bathroom!

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