06 May 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for my new companion. He came as a surprise, last night. As you know, I am a cat person. I love animals, don't get me wrong. I have only had cats in my life. I have never been close to a dog. I was a bit nervous, at first. I was left over night with him, alone. We sat there, staring at one another...and wondering what next!

He was found under a friend's friend's porch, shaking and scared and apparently abused. The friend couldn't take him in as his cats beat him up. My partner decided to bring him home. He now has a name. I tried out several different names for the guy...and he only seemed to wag his tail when I called him Toshio...so Toshio it is!

On a side note, I am not grateful for that gin I drank last night (it was a small quantity, too!)....I don't feel well...ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on adopting Toshio...how on earth did you come up with that name? He is adorable. He looks a little sad though figuring that he has a new home and all.

Me said...

Yes, Toshio is a little sad but getting along alright.

I think there was a Japanese movie we watched recently, someone was named Toshio in it. I think it's a great name. :)