26 May 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the cat that lives on our balcony and his new home! According to our neighbors, this cat indeed has his own home down the street. However, his owners kick him out in the summer. He comes around our balcony and stays there for most of the day and night. Our neighbors built him a waterproof shelter (which looks kind of hot) that he sleeps in at night and during rainfalls (and sometimes during the day too!). He's a loved cat.

We all need a home to call our own.

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Rainning said...

So funny!
You remember in last comment I told you I used to have a dog?That dog came to my home himself,seemed he was kicked out by his owner.What's more interesting,when he was near my family's door,with a little scaring,he was moving slowly ,a little step by little step,just like he was wondering if he was welcome,so we just push him to our home,and he seemed to get to know he was adopted by us,so he run around our house again and again,so happily.

"We all need a home to call our own"means we all need a home to relax ourself?

Me said...

Aw! Your old dog sounds much like mine! He still has moments, I think, where he forgets he is welcome here. Sometimes, I think he can't believe his good luck!

Yes, we all need a home to relax ourselves. That is pretty much what I mean by that!