05 May 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for having a good dose of "blast from the past" last night! Nope, I did not take this photograph - I feel like I am cheating today!

The story behind this photo? Well, I honestly cannot remember this particular night. Back in the day (was this ten or eleven years ago already!?), I used to frequent this bar back home. We all went out to dance and have fun. We had this huge table that we sat around, laughing and socializing and getting up to dance in the cage. I loved this place. It was a home away from home for awhile. A lot of memories come back to me when I think about those days, for good and for bad.

Last night, this photo was sent to me via Myspace. I shuddered at my black lipstick and messy bangs at first (not to mention, my babyface!)...and then wondered who the heck is sending me this! Turns out, it was from the other girl in the photo with me. What a blast from the past! She wasn't from Canada but it all came back to me. It was good to hear from her and know that her life is going well for her. Having a blast from the past is great...but it's even better to discover that life in the present is happy for this person I once crossed paths with.

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Jane Doe said...

What an awesome idea for a blog!

Me said...

Thank you! :)

I hope you enjoy!