04 May 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for finally getting a much needed bang cut!

I have been complaining about my hair for the last few weeks, especially my bangs. They got to the point of no return. I was forced to sculpt them into shape with my hands. They looked fine for about an hour or so. After that hour was up, my bangs fell apart like a house of cards! Finally, after all that eyelash batting and sweet talking....my bangs were cut. Thank goodness.

Whenever I get my bangs cut, I feel like a brand new woman. I feel well put together. I feel sexy. I feel bright. You gotta be grateful for that!

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George said...


Well, nice blog... nice pics... Congrats!

I would like to share my blog with you but it is all in spanish...

I may pay visits to your blog from time to time.

Me said...

Well, thank you George! I hope you do come back to look at my blog!

Your blog looks interesting...too bad I don't understand much Spanish!