04 April 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for having the company of a cat nearby. Yes, I know I have mentioned this plenty of times in this blog and in speaking life. I'm a crazy cat lady at heart, living with someone who is severely allergic to cats. You've heard me complain - how much I miss seeing a furry little face looking up at me at the end of the day, having that special companionship only a cat can provide, how my heart breaks to know how far away I am from my cat back home. Sigh!

Instead, I have the neighbor's cats and the strays that seem to hang around this neighborhood. I'll go outside to visit with their tabby. He usually says a disinterested and unenthusiastic "meow" at me and then rubs against my legs. I don't blame him, I do have a nice set of gams afterall.

I'm grateful that, every so often, I do have a furry little face looking up at me at the end of the day. Hopefully, I will capture their other cat on film. It's the silliest looking cat. They tie him up on a small string-like leash and he sits on a small piece of cardboard (the tabby has full freedom). I affectionately call him, "the big white cat with the small white head". He looks like he should be wearing a satiny, ruffly clown collar.

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