03 April 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for being wise enough to save my old and cheesy metal shirts from when I was a teenager. I love this shirt - not only does it remind me of being a teenager, it makes me feel trashy and sexy. Meow!

Back then, concert t-shirts were only made in men's fits. There was no such thing as girl shirts or baby tees. Last time I went home, I got my mom to sew it all up to make it look like a girl shirt. Needless to say, I can fill out this shirt a lot better now than when I was fourteen!

When I'm in a down mood, I put on an old metal compilation and wear this shirt. It's an instant cure. Before you know it, I'm feeling sexy...I'm smiling the biggest smile in the world...and I'm singing along to songs that are so incredibly fun(and often tacky) - like Europe's Final Countdown, for example.

Ah, the power of a song and some teenaged memories!

*Shouts out to BeBopHairWear - my creative and beautiful friend Sherri made the barrette that I am wearing...and is a fan of the Crue too!*

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