15 April 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for enjoying my own company. I had the place to myself with weekend. It's been quiet and I probably did not accomplish as much as I should. And I probably participated in all my worst habits, as I don't have anyone to watch over me (being a sloth, eating at odd times, staying up too late, and smoking too many cigarettes, etc)! It was lovely though. I've been listening to such fun music. I danced around the apartment to Japanese garage music. I caught up with old friends I haven't chatted with in a very long time. I laughed with them. I slept well, armed with a baseball bat. This was the first time being alone for a good chunk of time in the new apartment. The last place scared me. I hated being alone there. This place feels good, like a home should.

I took time for me. Just ME.

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