08 April 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

**Thanks to my cousin, for this photograph**

...for finally appreciating my hometown and for those back home who keep me connected to my roots.

I wrote something in my other blog yesterday and it still seems appropriate since it is Easter. I will be missing another casual family dinner today and it kind of breaks my heart just a little bit not to be around them. On the bright side, the in-laws rarily celebrate holidays - haha.

I miss home, there's no doubt about that. I miss my family, I miss my old friends. I miss sitting at the crummy old coffee shop, complaining about feeling stuck in such bleak little town we affectionately called "Selkatraz". It's funny how it takes moving far away to an exciting, fast-paced city to make you appreciate the slow moving town you grew up in.

I like hearing stories from back home. I like hearing the gossip, the small-town news. Sometimes, it is hard to connect to a community when you live in a big city. I can't even admit that I was connected to my community when I lived there, but at least I knew who my neighbors were and they returned my hellos and my good morning smiles.

My hometown made the fark.com headlines the other day, as well as the other news sites and national news programs. The ice has broken in the Red River and there is a jam, which caused the dike to be breached and some flash flooding. I feel a little left out. I wish I could see the river. There's something hauntingly beautiful when the ice breaks. I remember years ago, standing by the bridge in the silence of the night and listening to the sound of ice breaking, the water flowing. It's peaceful, calming.

Sometimes, I feel insecure - that I am too rural, too "small-town" for the city folk that surrounds me here. My stories are a little different than yours, maybe a little more naive - maybe a little more plain. Rest assured, my heart is made of gold too - but as the color of a prairies sunset, the color of the fields of wheat.

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Marie said...

Well, I've been to my hometown and family living there last weekend. My all good memories were there, too.
I guess I might as well be grateful for living in a small country that I can across the provinces and reach my family whenever I want to.
And...you know what? Your stories might be naive, might be plain but it's special to me...for many reasons. :)

Me said...

Aww, thank you! What a sweet comment! :)