21 April 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the interaction and expression between animals and humans. Sometimes, you can't help but smile at it!

What I am not grateful, however, is how this squirrel repetitively digs up my maple seedling on our balcony. I'm pretty sure the plant is dead now as it has been uprooted over and over again, scattered shells of peanuts in it's trail. I have a jack pine seedling that I'm scared to put outside because of this crazy squirrel. At least his fur has grown back. A few months back, it looked like he was only fur pants. We affectionately call him "Patchy". It chased me up the stairs the other day with a crazy look in his eyes...the feed-me-peanuts look that I know all too well. My mom is a crazy squirrel lady and when you fail to feed them, they will not hesistate to crawl up your legs for a treat.

Even though I am irked that this squirrel killed my plant, his expression was priceless when I took out my camera. And almost evil.

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havemycake said...

this is actually in response to your comment on my blog (but it's also a response to your overall blog)...

when i come here (a photo a day, what a great idea!) it completely illustrates what you said (about everything at VT)... you find beauty in something (and usually something tiny and commonplace) everyday. what is art (thanks andy w., for defining it this way!) but a different way of looking at something? thanks for putting daily art out there. i'm sure i'm not the only one who enjoys it!

Me said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the sweet comment. And thank you for reading and enjoying!

:) Linda

Marie said...

OMG. So cute! I'm curious though. How come it didn't run away from people? I mean, they usually keep away from people here, it's almost impossible to take a pic like this.

Me said...

Hi Marie!
I think they become tame because so many people end up feeding them. I know my mom does and we used to have tons of them in our backyard. They tend to get a little aggressive once you stop feeding them. The one that lived in my parents backyard would even crawl on your lap to get food, haha.

This particular squirrel I took a photo of even chased me up the stairs to my apartment, haha. The neighbor feeds him so I guess he thinks I will too!