14 April 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for having a weekend alone with my future husband, Mr. Leonard Cohen.

Okay, truth be told...I am spending the weekend alone with his words to keep me company. One day, however, I will cross paths with him on the snowy streets on Montreal. And then he'll fall in lust with me and write poems in honor of my unique beauty. Sigh!

Hey, I'm allowed to have my own lovely fantasies...right!?

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thunder.willow said...

Leonard Cohen... Sweet dreams indeed!

May I compliment you on your choice of celebrity crushes? He's a true gem.

Thunder Lola

Me said...

I recently found out where he lives when in Montreal. I dont think I would ever have the courage to say hello so I wont be camping out in the park across from his place...honestly, heehee!


thunder.willow said...

Too Funny!