07 April 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the beauty in reflection and being struck by the words of someone who is strong and fearless.

I could not find a photograph to express how touched I am today. So I ask you today, not to look at this photograph or just read my simple words. Today, I ask you to watch this video of an interview I watched on television last night. I haven't turned on the television since November and I was glad that when I did turn it on - I saw something that touched me and brought a tear to my eye. It made me think, life is worth living to the full. Take every moment and appreciate it. And I hope that I will come out this strong and this graceful in the face of death.

Please click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Grace is one of those things that can be so hard to define. That interview was grace, without a doubt.

Me said...

It was a wonderful interview. I'm glad you watched!