20 April 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for feeling the sun on my face!!! After such a long period of snowy and grey days, we're blessed with sunshine and warmth. What a relief! I'm looking forward to more days like these. What a perfect way to end the week! Happy weekend, everybody!

Now...if only I could get my bangs trimmed...they're looking a little funky lately!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the weather is looking up over there...Yesterday we got our first bit of rain. It wasn't too bad even though the news out here is calling it a "storm".

Me said...

Yes, the weather is certainly looking up here...but I do admit that a little rain might clean the streets up a bit!
Funny how the news always calls it something worse! Back home, there was a huge ice jam. The news made it sound so terrible and dramatic - the the entire town was under water. It wasn't...haha.