28 March 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for the interesting view out my window. I would much prefer to see some water or a stretch of prairies sky or a garden of colorful flowers, being the small-town girl that I am.

Every morning, I open the curtains and see this sign. I can’t help but laugh and hear this booming voice that says “Toshiba!” For some reason, I can imagine my father being amused by this sign, since he is an electronics repair man (and one of the last of them out there, since we live in a disposable age when it comes to electronics). It gives me a little simple laugh each day and I have to be grateful for that!

(Now, if only I could be grateful for feeling well rested - this kitty needs to get a little more sleep, and perhaps and good shoulder rub!)

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Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Shiba? And why would anyone write a letter to her in such a large font and post it outside of your window. That just doesn't make sense. * shaking head and looking at the ground mumbling to self*

Linda said...