21 March 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for one of the best gifts I have ever received!

I have a friend back home named Angie. She may be an adult but in her heart she will always be a little kid. It’s great to have friends like that, they make you feel young as well. Sometimes I fear we are drifting apart – she lives her life back home and I have my life out here. Anyway, she always gives me the silliest of gifts and pulls the silliest of pranks on me. Almost every year, for example, she will fill a greeting card addressed to me with powdered parmesan cheese. I open it and it all falls on my lap – and I curse at how I fell for that joke one more time.

One Christmas, she gave me a small toy modeled after an amusement park fortune teller booth. It is a hand-held toy which you wave your hand in front of. His fortune telling ball lights up and he gives you your fortune. Sometimes, he’ll just make a “whisssssh!” noise. Seriously, this toy gives me hours of cheap entertainment. Once, I left the damned thing on and forgot about it. I walked past it, in the dark, and it made the “whissssh!” noise and I almost had a heart attack.


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