07 March 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for old wishes that finally come true, especially when they are not my own.

My partner has wanted this particular guitar since he was a youngster. His wish came true yesterday. He got the guitar.

I got to see the excited expression on his face as he was waiting for it, like an anxious kid at Christmas. I got to see a big smile when he was showing it to me when I came home from work last night. And most importantly, I get to hear wonderful music being played.

Now, if only my wishes of being romanced by Leonard Cohen would come true...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely great photo. Nationals are truly a work of art. But then most vintage guitars are works of art. V told me about this photo and I had to comment.


Linda said...

I'm glad you liked the photo - I'm far from being a photographer, haha. I'm sure there will be more guitar related photographs to come!

Take care,