13 March 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for trying my best to never settle for less than what I think I deserve.

When I was younger, I worked at a major department store called Eatons. It was one of the first nation-wide department stores in Canada (founded in 1869), full of history and stories. My mother worked there in the 1960s when the store was booming. I worked there at the bitter end, when they declared bankruptcy in 1999. In the middle of all the chaos of liquidation sales, I bought myself a ring at half price plus my discount. A plain silver band that says "NEVER COMPROMISE". I've worn it ever since.

Certainly, life does require some compromises. I won't deny that. I just wear it as a reminder to never settle for less.

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Vanessa Reynoso said...

What a great story. I love the ring...what a wonderful reminder of something so simple that we can easily forget.

Thanks visiting my blog and your kind comments. I appreciate it.

Linda said...

I've had people scoff at that ring, for some reason or another. I'm glad you got it though!

Your creations are inspiring - maybe I'll try my hand at some of that this summer/spring when my work is on hiatus!

Miss Syl said...

what a great ring. i need one of those.

my guess is that people probably scoff at it because it brings up stuff for them they're afraid to acknowledge. someone who doesn't compromise her principles is sometimes a reminder to those who have done so of the discomfort they feel over having done so. but instead of dealing with their own feelings of inadequacy around the issue, they try to make *you* feel inadquate by laughing at you (or in this case, your ring). glad you haven't let it get to you.

Linda said...

The ring was made by Nine West. That was 1999 so I doubt they still make those kind of rings, but you never know!

Actually, come to think of it - you are probably right. To be honest, most of the people that scoffed at it were men (and most of first dates with them, yikes). Not saying men are inadequate scoffin' fools though. It's women seem to get the message in that ring.