29 March 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for making certain friends feel a little mushy with my gratitude blog! But seriously...

I have a friend who knows me well enough to know what to do and say when I am feeling lonely and homesick. And truth be told, over the last few weeks or so – that’s how I have been feeling. Lonely and homesick, wanting to get out of this province. I can call him up and he makes me laugh. Even better, I can be doing something so routine and boring and all of a sudden I’m thinking about a joke of his and I’m laughing out loud (often, this happens when I am alone and out in public).

He gave me this UglyDog, along with this fantastic blue sweater that makes me boobs look amazing. I see UglyDog everyday and I smile (I smile when I see my boobs in that sweater too, by the way) – there are those friends in life that are so unique, one of a kind. He’s one of them.

Basically, I'm grateful for the friends that keep me sane.

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