15 March 2007

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for not taking life so seriously and silly notes found in my purse at the end of a drunken night, that still make me smile today.

I've had this note for years. And for years, I've had a habit of stealing pens from work (I prefer to call it rescuing). I may or may not still have this habit. A few years back, I went out to the pub with my friend Parris and his American friend. Pints of ale, stupid laughs, looking at girls - we were having a great time. The American friend started to go through my purse and was amazed at the amount of pens that I had in my bag. I had an embarrassing amount of pens in my bag.

Later on and once he went back home, I found a note at the bottom of my purse along with all the pens. I don't know which one of them added the "i" to pens, though.

I've saved this note for a long time. Whenever I see it, I chuckle. As well, I now know the acceptable amount of pens to carry in my bag. Never underestimate the power of a silly Post-It note!

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Marie said...

it makes me smile, too :)

Linda said...

I'm glad someone else is amused by it! :)

Leah J. Utas said...

Hello Linda,

Great blog. I like the daily gratitude idea you're using.
I've written about gratitude, too, but not in so personal a manner.
And I got quite a kick out of the added "i."

Wendy said...

hee, it's an Oatmeal Studios note, too ;)

Linda said...

I'm glad you like my blog! I just skimmed over yours - it's an interesting read! Love the pics of the zoo - I haven't been to one in ages. I hope you come back to read my blog!

I got that Oatmeal Studios post-it note pad years ago. Probably when I was still in junior high...I still get a kick out of it!