18 March 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for all the times my sister let me play the role as the annoying little sibling. Heh, I play that part so well!

Honestly, I am not in the mood to be grateful at all. I have a bit of a cold which has left me highly irritated and overly emotional. I look haggard. I feel beat down. I want to smash everything in my sight like some Japanese movie monster from the 60's. Linda smash!

When I'm sick and cranky, I miss home. I miss home A LOT. I have a sister who is wonderful and has always been very patient with my mood swings. I feel terrible for all the times I blew up at her, now that I have moved away. If I could do anything today, I would pop in and see her. Hang out in her basement so we could watch bad television and eat a bag of potato chips and laugh about nothing. Sisters are great for that. I'd make fun of her things for a laugh and to annoy her, like a little sister often does.

I would have posted a picture of us, being drunk and silly. I know she wouldn't like that though, she wouldn't want her face all over the internet like that. Instead, I have posted this old photograph of me acting silly in her old apartment. She made a bust of my head for her art class and I was pretending to pose all sexy with it, singing that Lionel Ritchie song (you know, the video where the blind girl makes a bust of his head). My sister and I have so many stupid laughs today. On the shitty days, I have to be grateful that I have such a great sister to share my life with - even though we are far apart.

So do me a favor. If you are close to your brother or sister, give them a call or drop in for a coffee. Have a laugh. And never take them forgranted. Now, I am teary-eyed. Sigh...

P.S.) That bust of my head really freaked me out at first.

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