31 March 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for receiving late birthday gifts in the mail. As they say, good things come to those who wait!

My sister and I are a lot alike when it comes to certain things. For example, sending gifts and greeting cards on time. I have been teasing her about this very late gifts since my birthday passed, in early February. I have been calling her up every other day or so since then, thanking her for the great birthday gift. Well, I finally got the gift and I came home rather excited! I love getting things in the mail...ooh, do I ever. She gave me such a lovely gift, too! A copy of the Young Ones on VHS that she found for a $1.99. A lipstick that she got free that she will not use. A book of funky knittery - I keep telling myself that I will knit something cool but for some reason (hmm, laziness and lack of supplies?) I always end up making scarves. Ooh, and a really cool origami kit.

I'm sure the knitting and origami kit will cause me many hours of enjoyment laced with frustration, haha. I have tried to make a carrier pigeon and a raven (out of folded paper, not knitted with wool, haha) - let's just say, my paper birds look a little unique. Special, if you will. Maybe I'll post a pic tomorrow, err.

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