24 March 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for my wonderful cat. Sure, he is made out of cardboard. Technically speaking, he is not a “real” cat. He does not shed nor does he sharpen his claws on my furniture. He just happily sits on my shelf or wherever I place him.

I have an amazing friend named Felica. I have known her since I was fifteen years old. We were pen-pals but I can’t call her anything but a true and genuine friend. She knows more about me than anyone – good and bad. Anyway, I’m also a cat person. Cats make my heart melt, even the dirty street cats that hang around our neighborhood. I have always had cats and thought I always would...until I fell in love with someone who is severely allergic.

I am cat-less and it is still quite hard to live a life without a little furry face meowing at you (and my partner doesn’t count, haha). Like the amazing friend Felica is, she understood my pain of living without an animal. To make me feel better, she bought me this “Flat Cat”. It is not the real thing but it was a sweet gesture to make me feel a little less lonely.

That’s what good friends are all about.

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