17 March 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for the ability to see all the beauty around me, the ability to notice the fine details that make everyday just a little more colorful. I am grateful for having reasonably healthy eyeballs!

I just returned from the optometrist. My eyes are okay, though I need a different prescription of lenses. Apparently, I've developed a case of astigmatism in my right eye. This could be the reason for my lack of balance lately. I hope it will fix that problem!

On another note of gratitude, I'm also grateful for the heavy snowfall we have received overnight. Oh, I'm sick of winter - that's the truth. However, the good part about having a day of wind and snow means that the amount of drunken fools dressed in green and wearing ridiculous hats while yelling like frat boys is very low. Thank goodness!

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