26 March 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for the color blue and secret ideas that take you to another place.

I spent the weekend with a monster headache. It comes and it goes so I suspect that it is the beginnings of a cold. This headache has left me so down, so drained. I went into the bedroom, after a good cry, to curl up on the bed. It was a very sunny day but I left the blue curtain down. I reached for my eye mask and placed in on the window sill. The room was swimming with the color blue. For a moment, my headache drifted away.

I curled up on the bed and was left alone with my thoughts for a good hour or so.

Once, I went to casino with a couple of friends back home. The casino had an aquarium you could walk under. I stood surrounded by colorful fish and the color blue, the water reflecting off the faces of my friends. I wanted to put my bed underneath that aquarium. I wanted to sleep under the water and dancing fishes. I wanted to see the water reflect off my lover’s naked back and legs and the tangled blankets between us.

Sigh, thoughts like these are good for bad headaches. Heh.

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