09 March 2007

Friday, I am grateful...

...for being able to tell stories and make the people around me laugh. You may ask, what does this photograph do with why I am grateful. Well, if you are reading this...you are probably a stranger. Therefore, I'd be a little shy - I'd fidget and my eyes would turn away at times. Truth be told, I've had a busy week and haven't taken photographs. This photograph was taken by my lovely friend Zuleira, by the way. To make up for the lack of photograph, here's a little story I told one of my friends the other day when she posted a blog about being forced to go to a really lame dance bar. She had a good laugh.

"Once I went to that bar there next to U4iA - I know, I'm outdating myself there - anyway, it was for my friend's stagette. It was just me and her. We were pretty annoyed by all the people there so for the most part, we just stood around laughing at people.

At one point, this older guy (who was probably drumming on the table, haha) comes up to us and says "I've been looking at you". I'm like, okkkaaay....Then he says, "Guess with which eye I was looking at you with?". My friend is looking around the place trying to avoid him and his friend. I shrug. "I dunno. The right one?!". He says "Nope! This one!"

AND THEN HE TAKES OUT HIS FALSE EYEBALL to show me. Sorry, I had to write in caps there. It was really weird. And of course, my friend turned away at that exact moment and missed it all. That was the smoothest way anyone has ever tried picking me up! hahaha...weird."

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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