13 February 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for allowing myself a little silliness every now and then, even when it gets interpreted as "making an ass" of myself by random strangers online. Life is too short to not be a little silly. Richard, the romantic Nepenthes sends his regards.

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Twoton said...

Hi Linda,

life's indeed to short to be silly, that's why I couldn't let the opportunity for a few respectful remarks pass by (I wish I had thought of that romantic fly dinner thing before!). That's also why I have a blog, too :-)

If you're into serious silliness, I encourage you to read more of my forum posts. I can't even remember the last time I wrote something serious.

Welcome to pitcher-plants.com!


Linda said...

Hey TwoTon...
I actually didn't know how to interpret that forum posting. I kinda obsess over little things far too often, and I was thinking..."Oh gawd, someone thinks my blog is sheer jackassery!".

But then I was reassured that complete strangers do not really get my own silly sense of humour so I shouldn't let it bother me, haha. No, I don't think Richard enjoys long walks on the beach either! I think he is perfectly fine with the urban view from my living room window with his friends Virgil and Vernon the Venus Flytraps, haha.

I guess I've experienced enough drama from online forums that I instantly thought bad of your comment. I'm glad that's not really the case. :)

Twoton said...

Hi Linda,

glad you didn't take it the wrong way, after all.

There is indeed much mental mayhem and gore on online forums, but pitcher-plants.com isn't like that.
It's a congregation of people who are obsessed about their hobby horse, yet not without a sense of humor. A rare mixture indeed, and I should know, coming from Germany, where obsession mostly equals total loss of mirth.

Thanks for your kind words on my cherry blossom-polluted ride, and even more thanks for the link to Zak and his Unhappy Dobro. Boy, he's GOOD. I've always been a huge Johnny Winter fan and eventually ventured away from the Firebird to the dobro for a short while, so I can say with some authority that it's a very hard axe to master. Too hard for me, so I went back to the electric stuff pretty quick :-)

Please pass my howdys and my admiration on to Zak.


Bluesman of the past

Linda said...

I'm glad that is settled! :) I just may pop in to your forum and sign up. Although, I admit I'm very much a newbie in the world of plants, carnivorous or not!

Glad you liked Zak's music! He's quite talented but always humble. He's introduced me to a lot of fantastic music, especially blues musicians.