17 February 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for knowing that the only mice in my home are chocolate ones. To some, this may seem like a silly thing to be grateful for. However, living in our last apartment was a nightmare. You name it - shady landlord, annoying neighbors that frequently left a pyramid of garbage under our living room window, junkies squatting in our garage, a waterfall pouring from our ceiling and from our light fixtures. And by the end of it, with only a month or two to go before moving into our new apartment, we had a mouse problem. At first, I playfully named our mouse Mr.Jingles. It would only come out when I was home alone. Mr. Jingles began to taunt me that way, finding new and odd places (like the oven) to hide to make me seem "crazy" in front of my partner, who did not see much of the mouse. Plain and simple, the whole ordeal for two relatively tidy and clean people like ourselves, was kinda unsettling.

All poetic quips aside, I'm grateful that I live in an apartment where the neighbors aren't pigs and there are no mice crapping on my kitchen counters. Not even the chocolate one.

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