23 January 2007

A Short Introduction

As the little blurb of my bio claims, I am no photographer. I'm just a girl from the prairies with a brand new camera. Nice to meet you, if I do say so myself!

There are times when I am a miserable person, brooding around and grumbling about unnecessary things. There are days when I drag myself around and wallow in my own stupid misery. And then I see something that makes me smile, be it something girly like a kitten or something genuinely nice like witnessing an act of courtesy. All of a sudden, I feel a little more happy. As well, I feel much more stupid for wasting the entire day wallowing around. Life is too short. What I am doing is creating a place to remind myself that there is beauty in the little things.

I hope to post each day. Forgive me if I do not! Happy reading.

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